Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thanks cgilbert!

cgilbert is a 3D Warehouse user who has worked in the years 2007-2008 and has created two models that have been positively reviewed by several REAL modelers.
Here I want to thank him for giving me only four stars + a useful comment...

Hi "cgilbert",

   I do not know where you are today, and if still you are interested in creating those strange virtual objects that were born in those early years...

In those distant times (about 2007) we were "young" enthusiasts modelers and were re-creating - building by building, church by church - a magical virtual world, trying to make it as pleasant as possible.

The true story (still verifiable in the 3D Warehouse) that I want to remind happened just in those years, and saw you as protagonist - a bit as the "Knight of the White Moon" you see pictured on the right (click on image to view it in full page), which seems to fight against Don Quijote but actually dismounts him because he loves him well!

So, we are young modelers... In early 2008, after weeks of gestation, I realized my first challenging model, the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua (my city) that has collected in a few weeks few positive reviews that stimulated me to project and create other new models.

But then came the cold shower: a certain Mr. "cgilbert" gave me a **** (four stars) with the following review:
"For now I'll give you four stars, but if you improve [... the textures ...] I'll give you five stars"
(I do not remember the exact words, but the tone was that)

Of course I stayed there very badly, because at that time four stars were considered (rightly or wrongly) a disgrace, but I have rolled up my sleeves, I made the improvements - and you, "cgilbert", were the word, you gave me really the "five stars" with this comment still visible in the 3D Warehouse:

I'm very proud of this review and this model, even if - as many 3D models for Google Earth - is far from perfection.

Dear Mr. "cgilbert", you were not a ghost or fake user like "Joe/Joes": you were a modeller who had produced two valid models. You pointed me, very briefly, some areas for improvement - you did not send me any picture to help me, so I had to suffer in order to understand what I should improve to deserve the five stars!

You were perhaps a bit unpleasant, maybe a little hard, but you helped me a lot, much much more than many 5 stars given sometimes too generously even with enthusiastic comments as "Stunning!, striking!, incredible!, ...!"

Best regards
Enrico Dalbosco (Arrigo Silva) - Padua, April 10, 2013


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