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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanks to...


Google SketchUp

Create free 3D models is now possible thanks to the powerful and absolutely free tool produced and distributed by Google.

Cervantes Project

A huge thanks to the exceptional splendid site Cervantes Project from which I drew most of the images of Don Quijote.  The Cervantes Project is undoubtedly the most complete, comprehensive, excellent collection of information, pictures and iconography about Cervantes and Don Quixote

Roberts Brothers Ed. - Boston, 1882
Frontispiece - Portrait of Cervantes

Wood engraving or Xylography
Image Dimension 114 x 84
Page Dimension 146 x 104

Monument to Cervantes
based on that by Antonio Solá (1835)
at the Plaza de las Cortes (Madrid);
Cervantes' statute is lightly different
and the pedestal (with the canonical
images of don Quixote on Rocinante
and Sancho on his donkey) new