Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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from  The Adventures of Don Quixote,
1911 London, Bell and Sons
see Greetings



Aerilius said...

I'm lucky to find your blog. It's really meticulously elaborated and the design is a feast for the eyes!

Guido M said...

Very gracefull Blog.
Pulito ed elegante come nel tuo stile.

Guido M

Unknown said...

Thanks for following my blog and appreciate my collection. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and Florence Dome, are the best models today at GE,
I especially love the quality in the textures

thanks and best regards


Cathy TRITSCHLER said...

Thank you for sharing with us all these useful tips. Your blog is very enjoyable and as beautiful as your models !

Anonymous said...

tu trabajo es IMPRESIONANTE. eres un geómetra nato. enhorabuena por tu blog y muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos.

Rodrigo DM - Brasil said...


You are the best!

Parabens pelo seu trabalho e por compartilhar com as pessoas.

Rogério Penna said...

Thank you for reviewing my Porto Alegre cathedral model. When you receive a compliment from a MASTER modeller like you, it makes your day!

I´m sure though that none of my Porto Alegre models will ever receive 200 reviews as your models do, haha! Congratulations!!!

Rico Sihotang said...

Thanx for the information.. I come back to this block anytime..

keii said...

nice blog.. :)

St. Pall said...

I do not know how to thank you properly, Arrigo Silva, for all those useful tips of how to improve our modelling skills. I know only too well that I still have a lot to learn, so every other day I log in to your blog in the search of more wisdom. This might not be the right place or the right moment to mention this, but when I started modelling I noticed a little tickle in my neck. In a while this tickle in my neck grew in to some pain. After a scientific examination of my environment and body position I could not find anything wrong, except a few feet away I noticed the angry look in my spouse eyes.
After reading your profile on the Internet I did discover that we have many things in common. I am happy, I live in the country side, I am an artist, I love music and many other things. It looks like you are unfamiliar with this syndrome. Or what? I know it is allot to ask, but would you know any remedies for " The Happy Modellers Angry Spouse Syndrome". Once again, many thanks for all that you have done in making us better modellers.

St. Pall

Arrigo Silva said...

My Kind Friend St. Pall,
now that I think, some time I too feel a certain noise in the neck staying at the computer ... but I thought it was due to moisture of the climate... Anyway, I appreciate your interesting and intriguing post, because it reveals that - in addition to 3D - in the life there are other important dimensions that we have to care about...
A cordial greeting to you and your wife, for my part - and of course for my wife!
Enrico Dalbosco

Mariano said...

Muy Bueno tu blog y tus modelos segui asi.


ixboat said...

Seniori Silva,
I am in awe of your talent and view of this 3D art. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

On this page:

You cite an Einstein quote.

It is actually a quotation from the writings of Thomas Edison.
Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931), Harper's Monthly, 1932

What caught my eye was not the author error, but the incorrect word used.

Transpiration is a biological metabolic process in which fluids and gases can be passed through the cell walls of living plants.

Perspiration is sweat.

Mr. Edison was referring to hard work, not plant metabolism.

I knew that with your love of accuracy, you'd want to correct the web page.

Best Regards,

Arrigo Silva said...

My quote was: "Einstein said: “Work is 1% inspiration plus 99% transpiration”."
I thank Steamboat Cruiser for his polite message and to the timely clarification - now I understand better the words of Einstein - sorry, Edison! - which I fully share for... personal experiences.
Perspiration is sweat!

Unknown said...


Un humilde servidor, no es nada comparado con tus elaboradas y completas "obras de arte", no queda otra calificación, mas que esta.

Estamos impacientes de ver el nuevo Vaticano terminado, y reemplazando al actual ¡¡

Una vez más gracias, por compartir tus "impresionantes" trabajos en Google Earth¡¡


Athal Wolff said...

Hey just wanted to pay my respects for the work on the Saint Basil's Cathedral, it helped me with the blueprints I needed for a scale model, and mesmerized me the fine detail the 3D Model had. Greetings from México.

Jonathan said...

Firstly, may I congratulate you on your work. It is inspiring, educational, wonderful and beautiful. The 3D Warehouse has opened my eyes to a world I didn't know existed before, and I hope to travel one day. Secondly, I sympathize with St.Pall: I too have a wife who tries very hard to understand, though I love her dearly. Keep up your amazing work.

Peter Eckardt said...

A very wonderful site! The models, the blog and the tutorials are very well done! Respect!


Anonymous said...

i just learning sketchup, so happy to find your blog, thanks

Jason Winzenried said...

I used your model of Santa Maria del Fiore to build the duomo in Minecraft. MC doesn't allow as much fidelity as you can achieve with Sketchup of course, but it was fun :)


3D Histórico Georreferenciado said...

Bom trabalho ! Vejam o o trabalho também http://3dhgeo.blogspot.com/

Harga Laptop said...

Thank you for sharing with us all these useful tips. Your blog is very enjoyable and as beautiful as your models !

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Unknown said...

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