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Monday, March 15, 2010

Salisbury Cathedral in the round

A fascinating view of the Cathedral by John Constable (English, 1776–1837)

Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds, 1825 - Oil on canvas, 88 x 112 cm

An image of my model of Salisbury Cathedral (published at Google 3D Warehouse)

The same image in stereoscopic version
(use stereo glasses to see the image in 3 dimensions - remember: red for the left eye, blue for right)

If you like this model, you can see a short animation (26")
on YouTube at



alsomar said...

Awesome! I really enjoy with your models and the way you textured them. Congratulations.

Jimmy Zhuang said...

Wonderful models. Could you tell me where you usually get the measurements of your buildings?

Arrigo Silva said...

Dear Jimmy,
thanks for the appreciations!
To achieve THE CORRECT PROPORTIONS compared to the real world I think it is necessary:
- have a precise plan or map of the building, all the more essential the more complex is the building (for example a complex cathedral with transepts, apses, etc)
- use the photo-matching with a good number of photographs (typically 5 to 10 or more) from all view-points, including those from the sky
I don't consider essential to have AN ABSOLUTE MEASURE of the size of the building - it could be sufficient a satellite map - although it is highly recommended to use at least one accurate measurement, for example for the tower, to ensure complete adherence to real world.