Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hi Joe (Joes)...

"Joe" (and... "Joes") are all those fake 3D Warehouse users that pollute the community with their false and tendentious "Reviews" - they can be true crazies (?), mimic crazies, friends of friends, enemies of enemies, etc. etc.
If you already know them, or maybe you're one of them, go ahead. If not, read below, because maybe you'll discover something you did not know!

Hi Joe (Joes)...

I hope not to offend anyone - except maybe you, who are very susceptible - having this chat with you ...

   We do not know who are you, we only know that you are using (at the present, tomorrow who knows!?) the USERID "Joe" - a bit too recurring in 3D Warehouse.

   We know just your "reviews".

   However, you know all about us: who we are, what we do, our models, blog, email etc...

   A little asymmetric situation in a civil contest in wich the contestants can also get hurt!

And now, dear Joe, I would like to talk about your character, the character of the Joes.

There are various types of Joes: the protector of the weaks - the insane - the friend of the friend - the fake crazy - the playful - the protector of the strongs - the wise... and still others. Joes can not be uniquely defined, they are elusive, they are borning, working, disappearing, reborning, reproducing... We, who are passionate about 3D Warehouse, have seen lots of Joes...

In all this variety of Joes, there are, however, two recurring characteristics:
(1) the anonymity of Joe
(2) the apparent inconsistency of the Joe's "reviews"

I wanted to emphasize apparent because, as sees also a child, most of the Joes are not naive, crazy, least of all stupid: often they very clever, they understand much about modeling, and I would even get to say say that in some cases they are good modelers.

To become a Joe is very easy, all people can do it - kids, adults, men, women - at no cost in a few minutes with the following simple procedure:
- Sign up for Google (zero cost)
- Subscribe to 3D Warehouse (zero cost)
- Choose a USERID, eg "Joe" may be fine, but you can use any other USERID, even if already present among the civilian users of 3D Warehouse (a facility, this, granted by a few community of users)
- There is no need to create any 3D model, rather, it is best do not create any 3D model

At this point Joe can start your life as Joe: to write apparently inconsistent "reviews".

But then, you still have other options:
- At any moment you can change identity, choosing another USERID, even among those already existing
- At any moment you can modify or cancel any or all of your "reviews", both in stars as in comments: no trace anywhere will remain of your previous "reviews".

The only constraints that will be imposed to Joe (unfortunately every freedom has its limits!) are the following:
- Joe (like all other user) can not change the "reviewer code" initially assigned to him(*)
- every time Joe (like all other user) updates a "review", the date of the "review" is automatically updated and his "review" passes "on the top of the stack"
(*) as you know, Joe, your "reviewer code" is 108668434651907390916 and appears in your reviews searches URL:
=> http://www.google.com/reviews/search?author=108668434651907390916
Of course, if you were to publish any model, here it will make manifest another code for your models; this new code is different and not connected to the "reviewer code" [in a "public way"]: it is for this reason that nobody can know who you really are, if one (but which one?) of the many modelers that are called Joe, or if you are yet still another Joe...

But I realize, Joe, that I'm wasting my, your, his, her, etc. time with all these things you shall know already, and much better than me! You also know that, given these simple rules, you'll be granted a complete freedom and impunity: and you know well how to use them!

From what we have said so far, Joe, you would think that your presence is not appreciated in 3D Warehouse - but this statement is not true: if it is true that every time someone raises some timid protest, it is also true that in other case someone else seems even share your thoughts.
But do not worry, one thing is certain: the mass of honest modelers fear you and your "revenges".

Joe - Joes - I finished, and let you go to work.

Enrico Dalbosco (Arrigo Silva) - Padua, April 7, 2013


Looking here and there for "Reviews" a bit... original and made by USERID a bit too widespread or a bit original - I compiled a list of probable "Joes" - I hope that I can publish this list without offending none - but if someone considers himself offended, he readily has to tell me, and I will remove him immediately.

The following list is updated at the time of writing this article, in particular the names of fake users may change tomorrow and anytime, and Joe might even unsubscribe (I wish) or change its USERID in a new original USERID or even in a USERID already existing, maybe mine or yours...

Joe, August 10 2011/April 6 2013/100 "reviews"

Matty, October 8 2011/March 14 2013/3917 "reviews"

Pepito-NEVADA, July 2 2012/July 4 2012/61 "reviews"

Jack, March 13 2012/September 9 2012/ 2 "reviews"

Absolute Idiot!, August 10 2009/24 "review"

Jack M, May 9 2010/July 18 2012/137 "reviews"

Quelo, April 15 2008/1 "review"

Pj, May 3 2012/1 "review"

Z@keR!@H!!!, December 7 2010/August 30 2011/313 "reviews"

Hah9595, July 26 2011/August 5 2011/43 "reviews"

SupSap, July 31 2009/October 21 2009/89 "reviews"

SuperLePoulpe, July 19 2011/November 17 2012/5 "reviews"

etc. etc. etc.


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